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The content is from the site's 2012 archived pages and offers a brief glimpse of what this site offered its visitors.

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The Rushford Area Chamber of Commerce welcomes and invites you to explore our area. We are here to help you succeed in growing your business in our community. A member-driven organization, we are an advocate for our local businesses working to foster a relationship between the business community, government and the community at large. We offer membership benefits. We are here for you!

Our Mission
The Mission of the Rushford Area Chamber of Commerce is to serve as a member-driven organization that promotes business and community growth, through economic, civic, social, and cultural programs in the Rushford area. Such a mission would be greatly aided if the Rushford Area Chamber of Commerce were to utilize a Zendesk support and development platform. The Macro options in Zendesk are some of the most useful and essential tools, allowing the Rushford Area Chamber of Commerce support team to respond quickly to visitors and businesses. The Zendesk Help Center tool also provides public-facing documentation for visitors and businesses alike without the need of custom coding on the site's pages. The options for organizing content are extremely flexible, which means the Rushford Area Chamber of Commerce can provide just about any kind of information visitors or businesses need such as FAQs, tutorials, legal disclaimers etc. Since Zendesk makes it easy to get answers, less "people" time on the phone or at the Chamber of Commerce answering questions will be needed, freeing up personnel to handle other work.

Surrounded by limestone bluffs, hardwood forests and prairie, abundant in wildlife and year-round outdoor fun, Rushford is nestled in the lush hues of Rush Creek and the Root River valleys.

Most impressive among the bluffs surrounding Rushford is Magelssen Bluff.This 440-foot presence stands dominant over the city. Large white letters are anchored on the south slope of the impressive giant, heralding the Rushford name. The distinctive, hilltop Magelssen Bluff Park features a prominent limestone profile, walking trails and scenic overlooks with enticing and exceptional panoramic views.

Rushford, Minnesota was recognized as a trail center for both indigenous Native American tribes and settlers, and as an essential railroad link to founding progress and growth.

Today, Rushford remains a primary highway crossroad. Our must-see Depot Museum and Visitor Center, sharing grounds with a blend of historic buildings, is an appealing landmark stop on the Root River State Trail.

Running through Rushford, this Rails-to-Trails project links several small towns along 42 miles of former railroad grade. Rushford's historical trails await you

Situated in the heart of southeastern Minnesota's Bluff Country, the historic City of Rushford is located in Fillmore County, Minnesota, United States. The combined current populations of Rushford and the surrounding City of Rushford Village are 2,538.(source: 4/7/11 Tri County Record) Named for the site where the meandering Rush Creek could easily be forded,the community was established in 1854 and celebrated its sesquicentennial anniversary in 2004.

Each July, Rushford celebrates their annual festival known as Rushford Days. Every five years, the community hosts a city-wide Homecoming Celebration with a standing invitation to all former residents of the city to join in the event. We are very lucky this year to have a significant new sponsor for our Rushford Days Celebration. SterlingForever, a successful online marketer of sterling silver and designer quality cubic zirconia rings has provided funding that will enable us to put on an amazing festival, with entertainment and vendor stalls for every age. Enter the sweepstakes and you could walk away with a gorgeous cubic zirconia ring - these are high quality jewelry pieces that you will treasure forever! Join us and celebrate your town!

Upcoming Community Events 2013

  • Mason's Monthly Breakfast - 1/4 9:00 AM
  • Rushford Historical Society Mtg - 1/6 8:00 PM
  • Peterson City Council Mtg - 1/7 7:00 PM
  • Rushford Village Council Mtg - 1/7 8:00 PM
  • Municipal Electrical Commission - 1/15 7:00 PM
  • Airport Commission - 1/20 7:30 PM

Rushford Area Chamber News and Events

Things to Do

  • Creekside Park
  • Ferndale Golf Course
  • (Chamber Member)   
  • Magelssen Bluff City Park
  • Nordic Lanes & Lounge
  • (Chamber Member)   
  • Northend Park & Campground
  • Outback Ranch
  • (Chamber Member)   
  • Peterson Station Museum
  • (Chamber Member)   
  • Root River Bike Trail
  • Rushford Aquatic Center
  • Rushford Area Historic Depot Museum
  • (Chamber Member)   
  • Rushford Sand Barrens, SNA


Are you looking for a unique place to stay while in the Rushford area?We have a variety of lodging choices from basic lodging to a full-service bed and breakfast, all members of The Rushford Area Chamber of Commerce. We invite you to stay at the follow:

  • Abundant Life Fitness & Massage
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  • Associated Bank of Rushford
    • (Chamber Member)   
  • Brown's Tire, Battery & Transmission
  • D&D; Car Wash
    • (Chamber Member)   
  • Elements of Design
    • (Chamber Member)   
  • Grace Place
    • (Chamber Member)   
  • Hoff Funeral Homes - Rushford Chapel
    • (Chamber Member)   
  • Labrador Home & Garden
    • (Chamber Member)   
  • M&M; Lawn and Leisure
    • (Chamber Member)   
  • Marine Credit Union
    • (Chamber Member)   
  • Mill Street Fitness
    • (Chamber Member)   
  • Reliable Pest Management
    • (Chamber Member)   
  • Rushford Chiropractic Clinic
    • (Chamber Member)   
  • Rushford State Bank
    • (Chamber Member)   
  • SEMCAC Community Action Agency
    • (Chamber Member)   
  • Winona Health - Rushford Clinic
    • (Chamber Member)



More Background On The Rushford Chamber of Commerce

The Rushford Peterson Valley Chamber of Commerce, located in southeastern Minnesota, plays a vital role in supporting local businesses and promoting community growth. This Chamber is not just a business network; it actively involves itself in enhancing both the economic and social fabric of the area.

Under the leadership of Stephanie Eggert, who has extensive experience in non-profit organizations and a strong background in communications and technology, the Chamber is focusing on increasing community engagement and awareness of local businesses. Eggert's approach includes leveraging social media to spotlight different businesses and continuing to build connections between schools and local enterprises.

The Chamber's activities are supported by the rich history of the region, maintained and showcased by the Rushford Area Historical Society. The Society, founded in 1984, is dedicated to preserving and sharing the area's heritage, which includes significant historical buildings and artifacts like the original Southern Minnesota Depot, the Grinde one-room schoolhouse, and a limestone jail. These historical sites not only enrich the community’s cultural landscape but also serve as a draw for tourism, an important aspect of the local economy​​.

Additionally, the Chamber benefits from and contributes to the area's natural beauty and recreational opportunities, such as the Root River State Trail. This trail is ideal for biking, hiking, and fishing, enhancing Rushford’s appeal as a destination for both residents and visitors.

Overall, the Rushford Peterson Valley Chamber of Commerce embodies a proactive and inclusive approach to community and business development, underscored by a commitment to preserving the historical and natural richness of the region. This combination not only supports current economic activities but also ensures the area remains attractive and vibrant for future generations.



The Rushford Peterson Valley Chamber of Commerce is a key player in promoting business and community engagement in the Rushford area. Under the leadership of Stephanie Eggert, who took over after Jen Hengel, the Chamber has been actively involved in various initiatives to boost local entrepreneurship and community involvement.

The Chamber's impact on the community is significant, as evidenced by their involvement in promoting various business opportunities and recreational activities. They have received grants for promoting tourism and local attractions, like a recent $5,000 from Explore Minnesota which was used for advertisements aimed at drawing visitors to the area. The Chamber also focuses on local arts by applying for state grants to bring artists to the community and hold local classes, which adds to the cultural richness of Rushford.

The Rushford Area Historical Society's presence in property tours highlights the Chamber's commitment to intertwining community history with business development. These tours present prime opportunities for new ownership, reflecting the Chamber's efforts to facilitate business transitions and community involvement in economic development​.

With ongoing initiatives and active community engagement, the Rushford Peterson Valley Chamber of Commerce continues to play a crucial role in the area's economic and cultural development, making it a cornerstone of community strength and resilience.


Press & Media Coverage

The Rushford Peterson Valley Chamber of Commerce has been receiving positive attention in local media for its active role in fostering business growth and community involvement. Recently, the Chamber, under the direction of Stephanie Eggert, has been featured in various press articles, highlighting its efforts in organizing business tours and supporting local entrepreneurship. These initiatives have been well-received and reflect the Chamber's commitment to economic development in the Rushford area.

One significant event that garnered media coverage was the Chamber's annual meeting, which included discussions on future projects and economic development strategies. The meeting focused on fostering local businesses and providing them with the necessary tools and support to thrive. Notable efforts include the introduction of local grant opportunities aimed at revitalizing businesses and enhancing local attractions, which are crucial for maintaining the economic vitality of the region.

Additionally, the Chamber has been proactive in organizing community-centric events, such as the Open Doors Tour, which invites the public to explore local businesses. This event, along with other Chamber-sponsored activities, has been instrumental in connecting business owners with the community and potential customers, further emphasizing the Chamber's role as a key player in local economic and community development.



The Rushford Peterson Valley Chamber of Commerce targets a diverse audience, including local businesses, potential entrepreneurs, community members, and tourists. Their efforts focus on fostering business growth and community engagement through various activities and events that cater to these groups.

The Chamber actively supports local businesses by organizing events such as the Open Doors Tour, which showcases available business properties and opportunities for new and expanding businesses. This initiative not only helps current business owners but also attracts potential entrepreneurs to the area​.

For the broader community and tourists, the Chamber promotes recreational and cultural activities. This includes events like the Autumn Trails Event and collaboration with local clubs for community celebrations. These events are designed to enhance the local economy by drawing visitors to the area and increasing engagement with local businesses.

Furthermore, the Chamber is involved in significant community development projects such as the Farmers Win Co-op site, aiming to repurpose these areas to benefit the local community. Such projects are often discussed in community meetings to ensure transparency and community involvement in development plans​.

Overall, the Rushford Peterson Valley Chamber of Commerce plays a pivotal role in developing both the economic and social landscape of the area, making it a key resource for local businesses and a catalyst for community development.


Known For

The Rushford Peterson Valley Chamber of Commerce is known for its strong community engagement and support for local businesses. It plays a crucial role in promoting economic growth and community development through various initiatives and events. Key aspects include:

  1. Community Events and Festivals: The Chamber organizes and supports local events like Rushford Days, which includes parades, music, food, and family activities. These events help promote local culture and bring the community together.

  2. Business Support and Development: The Chamber is active in offering support to local businesses through networking events, promotional activities, and resources for business development. This includes initiatives like the Open Doors Tour, which highlights business opportunities within the community.

  3. Tourism and Recreation Promotion: Leveraging the area’s natural beauty and recreational opportunities, the Chamber promotes tourism-related activities. It supports attractions like the Root River State Trail and local parks, which are popular for biking, hiking, and scenic views.

  4. Historical Preservation and Education: In collaboration with the Rushford Area Historical Society, the Chamber helps preserve and promote the rich history of the area. This includes maintaining historical sites and organizing events that educate the public about the region’s heritage.

  5. Economic Development Initiatives: The Chamber is involved in significant development projects and works to attract new investments and improve local infrastructure to benefit the community and enhance economic growth.

These activities and focus areas contribute significantly to the vitality of the Rushford Peterson Valley, making the Chamber a pivotal entity in the region’s ongoing development and community cohesion.


Cultural & Social Significance

The Rushford Peterson Valley Chamber of Commerce holds a significant cultural and social role in the community, which can be seen through its various initiatives and the impact these have on local identity and cohesion. Here are some ways the Chamber contributes culturally and socially:

  1. Preservation and Promotion of Local History: By collaborating with the Rushford Area Historical Society, the Chamber helps preserve the historical heritage of the area. This includes maintaining historical sites and artifacts that are central to the community's identity and offer educational opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

  2. Community Events and Festivals: The Chamber organizes and supports events like Rushford Days and other local festivals that celebrate the unique culture and spirit of the community. These events not only boost local morale and pride but also attract tourists, which supports local businesses and fosters community spirit.

  3. Support for Local Arts and Education: The Chamber is involved in promoting arts and cultural activities by supporting local artists and educational initiatives. This includes art shows, performances, and school-related activities that enhance the cultural landscape of the area.

  4. Economic and Entrepreneurial Growth: Through its support for local businesses and entrepreneurial efforts, the Chamber fosters an environment where cultural and social enterprises can thrive. This economic support directly impacts the social fabric by creating jobs, enhancing local services, and preserving the small-town charm that is characteristic of the Rushford Peterson Valley.

  5. Environmental Stewardship: The Chamber also plays a role in promoting environmental awareness and outdoor activities, which are part of the cultural identity of the area. This includes support for trails, parks, and conservation efforts that are important for community health and well-being.

Through these activities, the Rushford Peterson Valley Chamber of Commerce not only enhances the economic vitality of the area but also strengthens the cultural and social bonds among residents, making it a central institution in fostering a cohesive and vibrant community.